Organizasions and Research groups

Some of the network members belong to one of these research groups.

      • Alba Sud -web.
      • Territorial and Regional Development Analysis(ANTERRIT)   –web.
      • Regional Geographic Analysis   –web.
      • Territorial and Turistic Studies  –web.
      • EURGEOT/CETI   –web.
      • Foro del Turismo Responsable -web.
      • GI-1871-ANTE   –web.
      • Sustainability and Territorial Reserch Group  –web.
      • Territorial Analysis and Tourism Research (GRATET)   –web.
      • New Tourism Laboratory
      • Cultural Tourism Program (DPTC-UB)   –web.
      • Tourism, Heritage and Development  –web.
      • Tudistar, Tourism Research Group –web